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 "Sawyer's nuanced performance intrigues..." - Metro Weekly 
Sawyer is a dynamo of remarkable range, versatility and believability..." - LeHigh Valley Press
...Sawyer offers both cynicism and softness that she blends perfectly...The cast...bring[s] true pathos, depth, and dimension to their performances...Prologue Theatre has a winner on their hands..." - MD Theatre Guide
"Sawyer brings great quirks to the role and hits the emotional core spot-on in the play's final moment" - UnProfessional Opinion
...there's a piquant mysteriousness to Sawyer's callow Kiera...The play, and Sawyer's bracing performance leave the question open." - The Washington Post

"However, Sabrina Lynne Sawyer stands out in a stellar performance as a serious, distinguished, and multi-faceted Simone who struggles and strives for perfection" - The Sleepless Critic


Sabrina Lynne Sawyer (she/her) is a highly versatile, trained actress born and raised in Chicago, IL. Since leaving home to obtain her degree in acting from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, her work continues to travel her throughout the United States. Both excelling in classical texts and holding a deep passion for contemporary works, she is able to bring her unique and exuberant perspective to both.

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