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About Me

When A Raisin in the Sun was making it's original debut to unprecedented numbers of African American audience members - the director, incognito, asked a patron why she was coming to see the show. The patron, an older woman, replied, "I heard there was something here that concerns me". This statement drives the crux of my service as an actor. I'm looking for work with a clear audience - and my main interest is getting it to them.

Feel free to browse the site for some of my work - the gallery, my reel, or drop me a line through the contact tab for audition or collaboration requests, representation, or just to connect. Let's make a play we have to talk about after. (And if you're here because you've seen one of my plays, and need to talk about it after, that's great too!!)



Sabrina Lynne Sawyer (she/hers) has performed in the DC area with Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Folger Theatre, Mosaic Theatre, NextStop and Prologue Theatre, and toured nationally with the Olney Theatre Center-based National Players. Other credits include: the Boston premiere of Chicken & Biscuits (Elliot Norton award for Outstanding Play); and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and Henry IV Pt 2 at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. She received her B.A. in Theatre (Acting) from the University of Southern California, and is always studying and avidly excited about the ways that theatre can create space for community. She is south side Chicago and God’s child, through and through.

God in all things. Good in all things.

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