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About Me

When A Raisin in the Sun was making it's original debut to unprecedented numbers of African American audience members - the director, incognito, asked a patron why she was coming to see the show. The patron, an older woman, replied, "I heard there was something here that concerns me". This statement drives the entirety of my career - I am, God willing, here to promote work that concerns people. The people I grew up with, the people I meet every new place I move, the people who no one has worried about concerning before. I'm worried about being in true communication with the communities we are serving.

Feel free to browse the site for some of my work - the gallery, my reel, or drop me a line through the contact tab for any questions or inquiries for audition, representation, etc.

S. Sawyer Headshot.jpg

God in all things. Good in all things.

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